Eight Steps to Start Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is the new way of traveling, using Internet to find people that offer free accommodation. You will be visiting a person called the Host, who will most likely show you around and explain his culture, customs etc. The idea of couchsurfing is to exchange the views, interests and to meet new interesting people. Couchsurfing is becoming more and more popular so I present a few tips on what to do to spend a great cheap holidays with interesting people:

1. Before you will start your experience with couchsurfing think about what do you expect from such adventure.

If you are interested only in free accommodation that couchsurfing is not for you. Most of the people that will welcome you under their roof expects some intellectual and cultural exchange. If you are willing to take part in such experience you can go to point number 2.

2. Log in to one of the popular websites that post couchsurfing offers.

3. Create and interesting profile.

This is a very important part, because if a host has more than one offer from travelers that seek free accommodation, he will make his decision based on your interests and other information that you have written in your profile.

4. Post a photo of yourself.

One photograph says more than a thousand words. It should be a recent photograph and can show some of your interests, for example photo of you skiing or playing tennis with your friends.

5. Do not post any false information because it will come out very quickly.

For example if you will write that you have excellent skills in English, but you will have some language mistakes in your profile you will not make a good impression on other couchsurfers.

6. If you want to host other people, write a detailed description of the accommodation and what do you expect of your guest coachsurfers.

For example if you do not smoke and you do not wish anybody to smoke in your apartment, you should mention that to avoid any unpleasantness.
Notice that you can be a couchsurfer without offering an accommodation.

7. Post some information about the precise time in which you can welcome travelers and get in touch with them.

Otherwise you will get many messages regarding the accommodation every day.

8. Find interesting people and start couchsurfing!

Remember to think and check everything twice, see the full profile, opinions and reviews that other coachsurfers have, before you will visit or host them, so you won’t end up with some unpleasant people.

If you will follow those instructions you will definitely have a great time during your couchsurfing!