With Aesop Tales and Arabian Nights in Dubai

Vast desert land with hot sand beneath the feet and hot sun above the head, some date palms here and there, and a camel wandering alone in the desert, this is Dubai. The scenes from the Aesop tales came into my mind when the company asked me to pack up for this city for an official engagement. The unforgettable experience of reading Arabian Nights also came back into my memories. I was quite thrilled to visit this mesmerizing desert land.

Being an official trip, the first step was to purchase tickets with low fares. Being an international trade center and a prominent tourist place, especially for shopping, there are a large number of visitors coming to the city throughout the year. Hence the major global carriers like Air France etc are operating in this sector.

When moving from the airport to the city, I witnessed the developments that have happened in this desert city in past few decades. The streets that are lighted with neon lamps, beautifully decorated hoardings and the blinking lights of the vehicles on the street together created a heavenly look for the city. Though the land is considered a bit orthodox by the westerners, I could see people who were wearing latest fashion apparels and leading modern lifestyle. Today, this destination has become a most developed city in the world. Tourists coming here through cheap flights to Dubai love to enjoy their vacations in this city.

There are many cheap tickets plying their services to this city from other parts of Arabian land. We decided to visit some close by places that are also popular from tourism point of view using these airlines.

As I went to this place on an official mission, the first few days had to be spent on work. Still I was quite able to enjoy the city life in the evenings. I really enjoyed being a part of the crowd that flows through the streets of Dubai. Most of the people are coming here for shopping. With quite a good number of duty free shops, things are quite cheap here and the stringent law insists to maintain certain level of quality for the products being sold in this city. Thus it has become a perfect place for shopping from all over the world. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Dubai by many airlines, more and more people are coming here from all parts of the world for shopping. Thus tourism also contributes a major amount to its economy along with the petrodollars.

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